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Why should I enroll my child at SUBAK?


Children today need to feel welcome and engaged. Enrol them into a class where they would enjoy and at the same time learn about life and values. One of the best choices to enrol your children into is, a Taekwondo class because through training in this art they would be able to inculcate in themselves values and skills that would help them grow and develop to be successful individuals in the future. Thinking about enrolling your children into a martial arts school that offers a variety of classes including grappling and Taekwondo?

One of the best place, if not the best, to enrol your children into is SUBAK Martial arts! Subak has the MOST experienced head of style in the region – under Kim Macrae, and Anthony O’Leary has been involved in Education for over 20 years – being a teacher and now School Principal. Every child’s class also incorporates iKiFiT.

SUBAK provides child – friendly and highly effective learning environment where your children would learn not only the skills and techniques in Taekwondo but also social abilities and good values.

Taekwondo is considered an exhilarating and of course a great training for self-defence with all the punching and kicking techniques involved.