Our Head of Style

Kim Macrae

Kim has been a teacher, fitness trainer and Martial Arts instructor for more than 35 years. Although he was never a natural athlete, growing up on a farm gave Kim a good fitness foundation. Milking cows, running around trap lines, swimming in water holes, riding pushbikes, motor bikes and horses, driving anything he could get his hands on.

When he went to the University of New England in 1973 and joined a Rhee TKD class, he liked it so much he soon realised he would become a teacher. Since graduating from the University of New England with a BA, Dip Ed and a Rhee Tae Kwon-do Black belt in 1978, Kim has trained thousands of students and has graded hundreds of Black Belts in the Central and Far West of NSW.

Many of his students have gone on to be widely recognized Instructors in their own right. These include Lee Hermannson -6th Dan ITF; Nigel Mcready-6th Dan Koshiki, Patrick Moore, principal of Fitness Boxing International and Andrew and Kathryn Welch, both of whom won numerous National and International Titles in Koshiki. Many other students have started their own Tae-Kwon do schools, such as Tony Croxon, Randall Jones, John Marks, Anthony O'Leary and Lachlan Cooper who was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2010).

Kim is still actively involved as Head of Style of Subak Martial Arts Systems. He holds the rank of 5th Dan in CMAS and 4th Dan with the TKD Oh Do Kwan. However most of his energy is now directed at the teaching and promotion of iKi FiT. Kim was the first recipient of the Martial Arts Australia award for contributions to Martial Arts and the community. In 2012 iKiFiT was awarded the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Rhino Award for Community Service.