Subak Martial Arts is a proud member of AMA. Our Head of Style, Kim Macrae was awarded the inaugural Services to the Community Award in recognition of Kim's years of dedicated service.

Martial Arts Australia came about from the creation of International Martial Arts Alliance (IMA) originating back in the mid-1980’s by Founder and current Chairman Graham Slater (6th dan black belt).

The International Martial Art Alliance (IMA) is funded by subscriptions and sponsorship from its commercial arm, Martial Arts Australia (MAA). Together, they form the most progressive provider of martial art services. They also distribute vital industry news to martial art instructors and school owners via email, social media, print mail, their websites, public meetings / seminars and most recently in their TV programs. Our network is an alliance an industry media provider, an industry negotiator, a group of companies, a group of school owners and a ‘library’ of talent and knowledge with an expert panel of masters, consultants and staff. This range of functions and services makes the IMA / MAA well placed to serve and grow the martial arts industry on many levels see below:

  • Industry requirements are facilitated through active consultation
  • Extensive group services and products are made available to members
  • Direction of educational programs most appropriate for instructors
  • Provides a united voice for the industry in all regions
  • Maintain a position of trust and respect to give confidence for the industry
  • Create and implement nationally recognised training and make it available to everyone
  • Available to lobby and work with local and national levels of government
  • Liaise with the corporate sector to obtain group deals and sponsorship for athletes / schools
  • Promote the industry’s profile through media including TV to expand its popularity
  • Represent a large portion of the industry with our membership and network base
  • Hold regular open industry-wide meetings is vital to break down political barriers