iKiFit the Health and Resilience program is being embraced by every generation as a great way to become Happy Healthy and Strong. With an engaging mix of fitness activities, personal development and mentoring strategies and our unique iKiStick training tool, you can become strengthened in both body and mind.

iKi is aimed at those in our communities who want to I.M.P.R.O.V.E their lives! Improve Mentally and Physically, to enhance Relationships, engage with Opportunity, maintain Values and achieve  personal and social Excellence.

To help facilitate this personal and social growth iKi uses guidelines we call the iKi Principles and the iKi Pledge.

iKi Principles
  • Principle 1: Look Listen and Learn.
    If you look and listen to your teacher, your friends and your parents, you will always learn more quickly. It also shows you respect the people involved in your life.
  • Principle 2: I'm OK, You're OK.
    Every one likes to be treated with respect. If we treat others with respect, they will reciprocate, and treat us that way in turn. Put simply, treat others the way you wish to be treated.
  • Principle 3: No Play, No Play.
    If you don't choose to abide by the above principles (or rules) you will be excluded from the game. This makes it safe, fair and fun for everyone.
  • Principle 4: Eat well, Live well.
    Getting enough food isn't an issue for most people in our country. Eating healthy food can be a challenge however. iKi helps with simple, achievable guidelines for healthy eating.

iKiFit uses iKiStick, the Music and the iKiPads, elements of modern and ancient martial arts, dance, aerobics, sporting movements and everyday health and well being principles. When combined with the iKiCrew student leadership process for Schools and Community groups it is like no other program.