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Welcome to Subak Martial Arts

Training in Martial Arts will help your physical and mental growth. Physically you will become fitter and stronger. Mentally you will grow in a variety of ways, even if you aren’t aware of it! You just need to look to the Tenants of Subak Martial Arts from the Black Belt Oath.

Courtesy – when training you are polite and friendly towards each other.

Integrity – showing the honesty towards yourself to self-assess your efforts. Being honest to yourself is not easy.

Perseverance - the character needed to persevere and perfect a technique or action you couldn’t do before is a rare quality, but not so rare in the Martial Arts.

Self-Control – not allowing yourself to lose your temper, showing control when sparring and adhering to the discipline side of training show self-control.

Indomitable Spirit - Overcoming fears of confrontation and pushing yourself further than you thought you could go and not giving up shows you a lot about yourself.

About Subak Martial Arts:

Subak Martial Arts was founded by Anthony O’Leary (1st Degree Black Belt – ITF under Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa) in 2008 as Orana Taekwondo. Subak MA takes pride in having verified instructors. You can check Instructor Anthony O'Leary credentials at the ITF website -


Subak Martial Arts is a Mixed Martial Art combing Taekwondo, iKiFiT, Grappling BJJ and MMA. Training from the new hall at St John’s Primary School, Subak offers classes for the entire family.

We are associated with Martial Arts Australia and the Australian Martial Arts Championships.

Class structures will focus on:

                   Dynamic kicking and punching

                   iKiFiT drills

                   Self Defence


                   Selected Patterns

                   MMA FIT drills

Anthony O’Leary